Friday, December 25, 2009

First time on our own

So, this is the first major holiday that John and I have spent on our own. I mean, John spent some holidays on his own as a young man, but in my 29 years, I've never spent a big holiday, especially Christmas, without seeing my family. It is kind of liberating, but just know that I love my family and John's so very much.

On that note, I'm making us a little feast tonight. We're going to have this tasty turkey breast with shallots and carrots - but I'm being naughty... I'm adding in some parsnips! Haha. I'm also only making one breast since there are only 2 of us and that thing still weighs around 2.5 lbs.

I don't feel like making a big ol' pan of Paula Deen's yummy stuffing, so I'm doing cheap Stouffer's turkey stuffing and adding in some green apple and craisens to add more character. I'll also bake up some sweet potatoes and throw down some butter and brown sugar on top.

As the professional drinker that I am, I made us Faux-mosas this morning. Got some yummy Prosecco and mixed it with Strawberry Nectar. Yum-meeeee!!!!

~Meg in the Kitch~

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