Friday, December 25, 2009

Thanks for the idea and welcome

Originally I wanted to call this blog, What's in the Pot? However, when I went to make my web address, that one had already been taken - go figure. LOL. So, here we have - Meg in the Kitch.

I've been posting links to recipes I grab off of on my FB account for a while now. Then my oldest friend, Caryn, started a blog and posted updates anout her vacay in Colorado. I thought the idea was a great one and so is her blog... and here we are.

So, welcome to my blog, y'all. I've decided to start this up in order to track what I decide to cook, when and why. I put a lot of thought into our weekly meals and I really enjoy getting in the kitchen and cooking up some savory, filling, tasty meals.

I want all y'all to share your recipes, reasons for making certain meals, including the occasion, if there is a special or specific one.

I also want to post about yummy meals and drinks I get from not only restaurants, but also at my friends and families houses. Please share your stories with me.

Again, welcome and I look forward to sharing with you as well as reading your stories as well.

~Meg in the Kitch~

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